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shrodingers cat

shrodingers cat

Following the purchase of our new Sony Bravia TV Hubbie decided to save us £50+ by modifying our old TV stand. It used to hole a 26″ Sanyo TV and had little plugs to make sure the tele stayed in place. Huby sawed these off and then spray painted the stand black so now it matches the new fireplace and the black surround of the new TV. Clever Hubbie! My amazing friend from back home donated 4 rhubarb crowns to our new garden so while I was working on Friday Hubby planted them in their new home. We’ve tried one at the back of the garden which is quite shady and we’ve added another one into a sunnier space to see which one fares better. The second spot had also been well manured last season and I’ve heard that will help so finger’s crossed. We had some friends over last night to enjoy the warm fireplace and savour some of our favourite Sailor Jerry rum, sooo tasty! The weather is completely wild today, heavy winds and now the rain, it’s my least favourite type of weather when I’m stuck in the city. When I used to live beside the sea I would love this weather as you could get all wrapped up then walk along the front and see the huge waves crashing on the shore, at some points on the island the waves would smash onto the main streets! great fun and quite humbling to remember how small we are. After a few rums last night we moved onto the topic of Quantum theory , not one of us managed to explain the very basics, which is terrible! need to brush up on Schroidingers Cat!


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