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Feeding the birds

Feeding the birds

What a week it’s been, Barak Obama was sworn in as the first African-American President of the USA, YAY! Britain ‘officialy’ entered a recession, BOO! And Andy Murray is romping through the Oz Open making great progress to his first Grand Slam victory, WOOHOO!

I’ve had an extremely mixed week. With all the Blue Monday-ness hanging around it’s been a tough one.

Unfortunately Hubbie didn’t get the job at the Beeb that he was hoping for so things are a little low again today. He has taken it quite hard and it’s tricky to know what to do. Think I’ll do what I’m best at and make a tasty dinner for this evening, might even hoover the house too!

In the garden things are a little brighter. The spring bulbs that I planted last Autumn have started to surface and serve as a great reminder that better times are just around the corner. 🙂 Chin Up


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