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Yikes, first day back at the office after an enjoyable couple of weeks break. Found it hard to unwind during the holidays though, one of the joys of running your own business is never being able to switch off from it!The day went okay though, had expected a frantic influx of calls and emails but nothing major so far, meeting BizPartner tomorrow to make plans for the future and we are also pitching for funding for a new project tomorrow so is quite an exciting time. I have a feeling this year will go by pretty fast as there is lots to keep us busy!

Managed to divert some of my attention over the holidays to thoughts of this years vegetable patch. Have received our seed catalogues and have been perusing the best varieties for our wee plot out back. Our seed potatoes have arrived from our supplier already so am trying to keep them out of the light so they don’t start sprouting already. Have got some sweet peas growing in the temporary greenhouse and am pestering hubby to build me one seen as he is still job hunting at the mo. He got some good news toda, got an email from the BBC asking him in for some training so fingers crossed will lead to some freelance work, a nice start to our first week in the new year.

Hope my new cross trainer arrives soon, I have been so lazy over the holidays and it’s the one time of the year when I actually eat chocolate! Couldn’t decide whether to sign up to the gym or whether to buy a bit of kit for the house but as the trainer is also a bike and as it’s the equivelant price of only 2 months gym mebership I figure it’s worth a shot.

Hubby made dinner tonight in what is quite a rare occasion, was funny to see him with the pinny on for a change! He is trying to stop smoking so perhaps it a diversionary tactic, one that I will be encouraging!!

And that’s been the start to the New Year!

And here is where we left the garden at end of last year!

The garden Before

The garden Before

The garden After

The garden After


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