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Blue Monday 09

Raasay House ablaze- borrowed from Life at theEnd of the Road What a completely weird weekend it’s been. I had a joint birthday party on Friday for 4 of our friends who were turning 30. It was good fun, loads of folk there that hadn’t seen in about 10 years! We used to all go to a Glasgow night club called Yang and was strange seeing us all grown up and still acting the same! Bit being in a strange timewarp.

Saturday was a lazy day, I went on an epic adventure to find the papers! It always sells out, I must remember to reserve it in future to save me the trek. I wonder if you can still get paper boys?

Got some sad news on Sunday, a friend of ours who had been ill for a long time sadly passed away. She was so young to have been so ill but wont go into it here. Suffice to say it was a sad start to the day.

Later on that day I was reading our Raasay’s contacts blog and learned the awful news that Raasay House had burnt down during the night. The real tragedy was that the building had been under renovation for that past year after almost decades of planning, she was due to be handing back to the islanders tomorrow after an extensive refit and now it’s all gone. I am so close to the island and my favourite place in the world is sitting on the steps outside the Big House and staring down to the sea, the old battery and across to Skye. I cant imagine how heartbreaking it is for the islanders. With such a small community and so few jobs the House is a source of great importance. I just hope it can be repaired and that the extensive damage doesn’t lead to the old facade being torn down.

So today was Blue Monday, officially the most depressing day of the year. It has been pretty bleak but I took my friend Martin for a drive to a local park and we went a walk round feeding the swans and munching on some tasty cake in the wee tearoom before the snow set in and we headed home to get warm with a tasty chorizo stew.


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