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Curry Night a la my house

Hugh Fearnley Curry

Hugh Fearnley Curry

I really am so productive these days! I am romping through the to-do lists although a stream of new enquiries is keeping them topped up. I thikn it must be the end of financial year looming for some companies that is causing the extra interest in quick, affordable websites. I’m certainly not complaining, it’s great for us and we should always make the most of times like this.

Great news of the day was that Hubby got an interview at the BBC! So pleased for him and excited to see how it all goes, fingers crossed he gets the job although he’s also down for some freelancing with them so either way should see him re-enter the jobs market for a good while. Recession redundancy hasn’t been too bad on us so far although my thoughts may change next week if Hubby isn’t successful!

I made the best dinner tonight, I’ve made it before (and i’ll make it again!). It’s so easy, just requires a bit of removing the bones before you serve but is tender and spicy and delicious! A lot of the time we haven’t got all the ingredients fresh so we just improvise with the dry herbs in the cupboard and is always a treat!



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