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Catch Up Time

Despite my early and well paced start to the growing season the rest of my life has been particularly hectic this last month leaving me with very little time to update my wee blog. So lets have a look through the last picture upload and see what’s been happening.


The Garden in March

Here is Suki and his visiting friend, we call him Trouble, chasing each other around the garden. You can see to the left a new plastic tomato growhouse which is still not in use yet as too cold. Next to that we have my lovely baby greenhouse with lettuce, lobelia and sweetpeas all busy growing away.

The flower bed to the left is going really well now with crocus and primroses popping out in the recent sunshine. Tulips are now looking much better after a dousing of organic slug pellets and are almost ready to pop open.

Hubby also found me a great bargain on a plastic coldframe from lidl the other day so that was a lovely surprise. I think you might be able to spy it up in the distance to the right of the white cloches.


Spring Crocus

Speaking of which, the cats have made my cloche a bit useless after one too many games of hide and seek through it! it is now full of holes! At least I can still use the wire frames to support fabric later in the season.

The peas are going really well although I have just realised I haven’t photographed them recently.

I am quite excited about seeing how the fruit canes fare, they are growing rapidly now and I am keeping my fingers crossed for some juicy fruits!


Berry-good growth

Rhubarb has also now made itself at home. Hubby and I thought that one of the crowns had failed to grow but it turns out Hubby had planted it the wrong way up so it has grown all the way around and has popped up somewhere a good distance from the crown. Very cool!


Right-way-up Rhubarb


March honeysuckle view


Beginnings of container gardening


Pretty Japanese Blossom


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Cats are good at Maths

Lolly fast asleep up her brothers behind!

Lolly fast asleep up her brothers behind!

My wee cat lolly has been having a bit of a rough week. She had to go in for an operation on Tuesday as seems to have got into some scrapes with either a fence or another big cat.

Vets said it was a really nasty wound that had ripped her muscle tissue, eeeuch! She seems to be doing okay now, lots of messy stitches and has to wear one of those horrid collar things. Every time she tries to eat her dinner off the plate her collar pushes all the biscuits off the other side! Poor thing. She also point blank refuses to take her antibiotic tablets.

So anyway, the maths thing, earlier on, when I wasn’t looking she somehow managed to get out of the catflap. I’m pretty sure this is physically impossible as the hole is about half the size of the collar diameter, only explanation I can think of is that she’s good at angles! Hubby has been having to sleep in the spare room to keep boycat happy otherwise he just sits and wails for his sister, who obviously cant go out to play! I swear, it’s just like having kids!

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