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Oh dear, I haven’t been very good have I? It was all going so well until the good weather kicked in last year. I got so busy with actual gardening and making of things that I totally ran out of time to update my little blog. 😦 I did manage to catch some shots and uploaded them but really not impressed at me.

Wild PoppiesThis year we will try again. The garden has been frozen for the last two weeks and it doesn’t look like my covers for my strawberry plants have held up very well.

We still have brussell sprouts standing, although have realised we don’t actually like them! There are also some gigantic parsnips still in the ground, we have roasted some already and made soup with others.

The winter has been a cold and snowy one and it has only begun to defrost in the last day or so, then we should be able to assess the damage some more and make our new plans for the year.


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